Citrus-themed Refreshment Bar

There’s nothing I love more than a DIY Arnie P bar and these colors!

I designed this refreshment bar tablescape around this extra festive table cloth by Le Jacquard Francais that I purchased at Dallas-based Madre. It’s very preppy, but the neon lining around the tablecloth give it a bit of edge. The matching neon pink and orange acrylic-handle pitchers are perfect for outdoor entertaining and come in beautiful, fun colors. I also found a similar, less expensive acrylic-handled pitcher from Target {they come in clear, blue and green!}.

For my wedding, I registered for a *ton* of copper items from William Sonoma. Not only is this round copper tray {20% off right now!} great for serving beverages, but I have also used it as a large charcuterie serving platter. Even when I am not hosting, I use the tray on a day-to-day basis too –  I keep it displayed in my dining room and use it as my “bar cart”.


I like to offer a variety of beverage options when I host. I filled the orange and light pink pitchers with tea and lemonade {with signage.} This way guests could choose between the two soft drinks or create their own an Arnold Palmer (my favorite).

Not only do the strawberry and cucumber’s colors look beautiful inside the double glass dispenser, the vegetable or fruit options allowed guests to choose their preference between a sweet or not water taste.  Pro tip: if interested in buying a double dispenser, I suggest buying the stacked version (versus side-by-side) so if you only want to offer one beverage, you can easily remove the top dispenser. This way you aren’t always stuck with having to serve two types of beverages.

Last but not least, I offered champagne in my cooper ice bucket {20% off right now!} and the copper party tub {20% off right now!} was filled with wine, sparkling water and soft drinks.

Other items pictured:

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