Ain’t Love Grand

It’s hard to believe, but I am a few months away from celebrating my two year anniversary with my amazing husband, Brock.¬†(Ok, four months away… but it’s going to come quick!)

We were married in Grand Lake, Colorado, where my husband’s family has been going every Summer for over FIVE generations. Fun fact: my engagement ring can be dated back to the 1800s when it belonged to Brock’s great great grandfather (not 100% sure on how many ‘greats’ I need to throw in there TBH), who was one of the first pioneers of Grand Lake. (He wore the diamond on his tie pin … when, apparently, men’s tie pins were fancy AF.)

ANYWAYS… one of my favorite parts of wedding planning was designing my tables! (Shocking, right?!) My wedding planner Emily Clarke, owner of Emily Clarke Events, is one of my favorite people of *all time* and her creativity and passion continuously blows me away. I absolutely loved working with her and her design team The Detail Department to create the tables of my dreams. And the extremely talented Rachel Havel¬†perfectly captured our day – all photography can be credited to her!


Our florist Bows and Arrows made my Mid-Summer’s Night Dream meets a Tree House floral-vision come to life in the most amazing way possible.

Our tables were a mix of round and long rectangle tables:



I had always imagined I would have a ton of different sized blue and white ginger jars with flowers on my tables at my wedding. But, during the time period when I was engaged and planning my wedding, I saw a ton of brides with that same exact idea. Since I didn’t want to follow suit, I was pretty bummed and am still very jealous of every bride who had/has ginger jars at their wedding. It’s just so classically gorgeous!

*So* in an attempt to still incorporate my ginger-jar-wedding in my own way, Emily Clarke found these beautiful blue and white ginger-jar-esque plates and everything else was history!


There were about 6 different plate/saucer designs {similar versions} so each guest sitting nearby had a unique place setting. We chose to keep the glassware clear and simple, with only a gold rim, to not distract from the china. {Similar options: #1, #2 and #3}


We chose gold flatware {similar option} to match the gold lining of the stunning Mottahedah Blue Lace chargers.¬† I own a bunch of the Blue Lace serveware. My oldest sister has the Blue Lace china set, which I borrow (*steal) all the time. As they say, the best thing about having sisters is you get to borrow their stuff! (That’s a saying, right?!)


Since the reception took place at the Grand Lake Yacht Club (where Brock learned, and eventually taught, sailing for many years,) I thought it would be fun to incorporate a nautical theme without going too far and risk being cheesy. The blue striped napkins {similar version} plus the lemon sail boat name cards (custom designed and made by The Detail Department) allowed for the perfect amount of nautical-chic.


To be honest, when Emily and The Detail Department came to me with their idea of creating a sailboat out of a lemon wedge, I was a little skeptical (or maybe confused is the better word)… but, I told them to go for it and had complete faith that they are the magical, creative geniuses that they are.

Not only did they turn out adorable, but the yellow lemon was the perfect pop of color that the table needed!

For more details and pictures on Brock and I’s wedding, you can check out Martha Stewart Weddings, Paper City, and Carats and Cake.

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