Mastering the Golf Theme

The Masters are in full swing (no pun intended… ok, fine… it was very much intended) and while I could care less about golf, I love any excuse to host a party. (Also, I very much respect, and relate to, obsessing over a green jacket.)

I absolutely love themed parties to the point that if my mom had let me, I would’ve probably done a 90’s themed wedding and had Lisa Frank design it.

When it comes to themes, I like to take a balanced approach. I try to not go overboard on themed-decor in hope of avoiding coming off as cheesy or that guests will assume I’m actually hosting a kid’s b-day party. My goal is to have just enough themed-decor that it’s cute, but also stylish (which means it’s reusable for non-themed parties!).

I’m obsessed with #8 – these plates are melamine, which are perfect for entertaining. (I don’t know about your friends, but when I’m entertaining – whether that’s indoors or outdoors – I just feel safer using nonbreakable products.) I typically have more than one pattern of plates and napkins for guests to choose from. Plus, it makes the tablescape more visually pleasing to the eye.  {i.e. #s 6, 8 and 11}

I already own #10 (which is perfect for sipping on mint juleps while watching the snoozefest that is golf) and I own a more expensive version (ugh) of #2 in pink/orange.

#16 is part of the new AERIN collection and I am about to spend an arm and a leg to buy every single item from it … obsessed!! And you better believe I already have #15 in my cart. I will be using this bad boy all.summer.long.

Pro tip: to truly master the Masters watching party, you *must* complete your tablescape with the iconic Masters snack of pimento cheese sandwiches {which I would probably display on #14} and a vase full of azaleas to match not only your TV screen (they’ll be blooming in the background) but also your tablecloth.

Let me know what your watching party plans are for the Masters in the comments below!

Shop this look:

  1. Green Foil Embossed Banner 
  2. Drinkware Artland Large Decanter Honey Dew
  3. Ribbon Dinner Napkins – Green/Blue
  4. All in Good Taste Cheese Board Set – Green/Blue
  5. Fresh Lime and White Striped Paper Straws
  6. Green Chevron Dinner Plate
  7. Le Moulin Green Chip ‘N’ Dip
  8. Melamine Lalana Flower Salad Plate
  9. Emerald Green Tasseled Garland
  10. Moscow Mule Mug – Copper
  11. Golf Dessert Plates
  12. Personalized Golf Cupcakes
  13. Golf Die-Cut Straw Decorations
  14. Amberina Pedestal Cake Stand
  15. Green Floral Tablecloth
  16. AERIN Figural Leaf Serving Bowl




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