If you like it then you should put a *Napkin Ring* on it

I have a new found love for napkin rings. Yet somehow, I only have ONE set! So, since I am on the hunt for some napkin rings myself, I thought I’d spotlight some of my favorites that are currently on the market right now:

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  1. Ginger Jar Napkin Rings 

My obsession with ginger jars is on another level. I decorated my wedding tables with ginger jar inspired plates, office bookshelf is covered with ginger jars and I own ginger jar lamps, plates, bakeware, a beverage dispenser, napkins and… these exact napkin rings.

I like treating the ginger jar pattern like a neutral… AKA they will pair with every napkin!

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2. Acrylic Napkin Rings, Neon Pop

These napkin rings offer a “playful elegance” and can transform your table into an art deco / modern masterpiece. For me, this set is more of a bucket list item as they are mucho $$$! I will be stalking them until they *hopefully* go on sale.

There are plenty of more affordable acrylic dining napkins on the market right now, but mostly only available in clear. Clear is a great option, but I am a sucker for a set where each guest gets a unique look to their table setting (whether that be a napkin ring, wine glass or dessert plate).

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 2.46.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.08.27 PM

3. Fiesta Napkin Rings

I am a sucker for pretty much anything with pompoms and tassels. These napkin rings would be ideal for celebrating Cinco De Mayo, Fiesta (for those of you in San Antonio), a birthday or a gender reveal party (i.e. the blue/pink pompoms).

And for those of you that are in a Supper Club, we all know the easiest dinner to throw together for 10+ people is Mexican food. So even if you are hastily throwing together a Fajita dinner, these napkin rings will add some class and sass to your themed tablescape.  (Plus, they’re only $12 … for napkin rings of this quality, that’s insane!)

4. Frost Napkin Rings

This napkin ring is even better looking in-person. The hand-dyed pink beads are very pale and the little goldtone detailing will make any table look very crips and put together.  I can see myself pairing it with a beautiful neutral linen or a fun citrus-colored printed napkin.

**These are currently 30% off at the link above (such a steal!) and also come in a light seafoam blue. **

5. Elephant Napkin Rings

If you don’t like elephants you might as well be Cruella de Vil in my mind. I kid, I kid … kind of. 

Regardless of the fact that these elephant napkin rings would bring a smile to any of your guests’ faces, they are truly stunning. Even if you’re only working with plain white napkins or plates, the turquoise/red/black jewels will make any table pop!

6. Tortoise Knot Napkin Rings:

These Tortoise Knot napkin rings are a classic and will never go out of style. The translucent tortoise pattern can be dressed up or down for any occasion. You should treat it as a neutral and pair it with any pattern/color of napkin or dinnerware.

To sum it up, these are a good investment and you will love them forever.

7.  Stackable Gold Napkin Rings:

This set of napkin rings remind me of chic stackable bracelets.

What drew me to these is that unlike the classic gold round napkin ring sets that people buy as a staple, these are simple but have a modern twist. (And if you’ve read any one of my posts – or even earlier in this post haha – then y’all know how much I love the fact that each guest at the table gets their own shape!)

**These are on sale right now and you can get a set of 4 for just $22!! {They also come in silver.}**

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.42.00 PM.png

8. Blue Stone and Acrylic Napkin Rings:

I love the blue and gold combo of these agate stones. Actually, can someone tell me what the proper name is of this stone? (TBH I don’t know the difference between Agate / Geode / Mineral Stones / Quartz, etc. I tried googling, but I went down the rabbit hole of beautiful stone items and couldn’t reel myself back in.) So any help here would be great! 🙂

These guys also come in white/gold and white/silver … both beautiful options. I just personally love a lot of color. I also fell in love with these **more affordable** options that essentially pull off the same look:

There are also *tons* you can search on Etsy and Amazon that have great prices. (But I’d suggest entering in all the stone name search terms I mentioned above… just to be safe!)

9. Sparkle Dove Napkin Rings

My sister Paige registered for these beauties for her wedding and I’ve been envious ever since. (If only she didn’t live in Brooklyn, I would be stealing them from her like I do with my other two sisters that live in Texas.)

I know how much happiness these napkin rings bring my sister because even when she isn’t hosting, her table is always set with these purely for decoration. And every time I see them I love them more.

**These are on sale RIGHT NOW for under $50 for a set of 4! They’re sold out on Bloomingdales and I saw them going for $158 on other sites!!! You. are. welcome. **

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 12.49.31 PM

10.  Sitting Pretty Napkin Rings

The possibilities are endless with these napkin rings! I am already imagining how I will use them for every event.

For Halloween… black roses perhaps? Or, insert in chocolate lollipops in shapes of witches and goblins to be also used as my guests’ dessert?!

For a baby reveal party you could fill the napkin rings with pink and blue colored water (via food-coloring) … and be used as small flower vases around the house instead of formal dinner napkin rings.

My mind is seriously going a mile a minute thinking up all the ways to use these bad boys!! Oh and did I mention that a set of 4 is only $35?! Hurry up… they’re going fast!


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