Pineapples, Flamingos and Melamine … Oh My!

Nothing screams summer quite like pineapples and flamingos! Although it was a very dreary day in Dallas, I created this tablescape to embody all the summer feels. I recently went a little nuts on outdoor dinnerware to prepare for backyard dinner parties this summer. Lucky for you, that means everything you see is available in stores *NOW*!


These melamine bird plates (which I also included in my golf theme round up) are my newest obsession. Although they’re melamine, they look antique and are the perfect balance of elegant and fun. Actually, if they had been porcelain/stoneware, I’d probably be too afraid to use them as often as I plan to use these… which is *zero* fun!

The amount of color the plates have also make it super easy to match with any other dinnerware or serveware. With the colors I chose for this tablescape, the plates perfectly tie in the greens, blues and pinks. I can’t wait to bring out the orange and turquoise colors of these plates with some different decor later this summer!


I love the royal blue color of these Sonoma outdoor wine glasses, which I also own in turquoise and use them year-round. I’m so glad this new color is now available because after two years of going through the dishwasher on a weekly basis (my husband and I drink a lot of wine…) the light turquoise color on some of the glasses have started to wear.

The clear goblets look like glass in-person and are the perfect shape for a variety of uses including water, iced tea or alcoholic beverages such as margaritas or bloody mary’s.


You may be wondering why I have these flamingo straws (albeit super adorable) in my water glasses. Well, outdoor dining has it’s pros and cons. One con is that the wind carries things (small flower petals, leaves or little nats) that often land in drinks. (If you’re like me, you will probably keep drinking your beverage full-speed-ahead regardless, until you get to the end and can more easily fish the debris out or finally clean out your glass before refilling.)

Although not the perfect solution, straws can help minimize ingesting those harmless little things that sometimes float at the top / minimize the amount of time your guests have to clean out their glass.


I bought these pineapple cheese boards for **$3/each** in four different colors (pink, turquoise, yellow and green) at Target. I can’t find them online, but I have been to a few Target locations around Dallas and always found them available in the section right at the entry that has all the cute knickknacks. (If you don’t know what section I’m talking about, you ain’t livin’.)

{Similar versions here}

For this tablescape, I used two of the pineapples as cheeseboards and the other two I used to flank the ends of my table and placed my hurricane candle holders on them for added decoration.

Shop the rest of the tablescape here:

What themed outdoor dinner parties will you be hosting this summer?

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