Boo Y’all!

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My favorite month of the year has finally arrived! October brings two of my favorite things… fall AND Halloween!! There is no possible way for me to do a single round up of Halloween decor – so expect a few coming your way throughout the month.

This round up is a spotlight on one of my favorite party stores: Swoozies. Their product selection is top-notch and a perfect place to find adorable party gear for any occasion or a hostess gift. My round up only includes the items being sold online, but their in-store selection is way more extensive and very spookilicious.

Garlands and Banners


{ Happy Halloween // Haunted House // Halloween Party Fans }


Plastic Party Cups


{ Drink Up // Resting Witch Face // Sheet Faced // ‘Sup Witches? }

One of the scariest villains of all time is the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz … just thinking of that green-faced cackle sends chills up my spine… so these “Drink Up My Pretties” cups are a must-have for me. (Awesomely enough, I received them as a B-Day gift way back in August – my friends know me so well – and are already sitting on my bar ready for use!)

Stemless Wine Glasses


Witches’ Brew // Treat Yo’ Self // Hocus Pocus }


Die-cut Cocktail Napkins


{ Black Cat // Ghost // Spooky Witch}

I heart die-cut napkins and plates! They are so fun and festive, and add more dimension to your table or bar cart. The witch and cat are super cute, but the sweet simplicity of the ghost is my favorite.

Classic Cocktail Napkins


{ BOO // Boo Y’all // Skull // Here for the Boos }


Paper Plates


{ Assorted // BOO // Pumpkin }

The assorted Halloween plates would be great for a kid’s party as they are festive, but not scary. The pumpkin plates are great for practical reasons: 1. a wider surface that can actually hold  a good amount of food (very important) and 2. reusable for the rest of fall and Thanksgiving.



Party Picks // Skeleton Straws // Bat Swizzle Sticks }

Warning: I have not used these before, but the Skeleton Straws are probably a pain in the you-know-what to put together. If you aren’t as lazy as I am, then lucky you ’cause they’re awesome.



{ Spider Stand // Bone Appetit // Ghost Dip Bowl }

This “Bone Appetit” plate is a perfectly pun-y serving dish for a Halloween bash. If looking for a creepier vibe, check out this “Take A Bite” version.  The metal spider stand is cute for pumpkins, but I also think it could possibly be (better) used to hold a chip bowl??

Although adorable, I am not sure how practical this “Ghost Dip Bowl” is. It’s pretty small and the overhanging of bats seem inconveniently placed – potentially blocking easy access for your guests to dip in.

Home Decorations


{ My Pretties Doormat //  Witch Feet Doormat // Killin’ It Tea Towel }

Regardless if you are the Halloween party-throwing type, Halloween still brings a ton of visitors to your home … at least to the entry way. For those kiddos coming to your door to get a handful of treats, these doormats are the perfect company while they wait.

For those of you that don’t want to commit to a plethora of party decorations – but still want to add a little festive fun to your home – this sassy Tea Towel is for you!

Party Decorations


{ Bat Cups // Mini Witch Hats //  Honeycomb Spider }

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these amazing bat cups are actually a **party fail** in the decor department. I bought these cups for my Halloween party last year and it was a disaster. First off, the cups and bats are not pre-made like the photo – you have to put every single cup together yourself. Secondly, the adhesive doesn’t stick well and the bats fall off the cups easily. Thirdly, the wingspan takes up so much room and you can’t stack them. So not only are they time consuming and poorly made, they aren’t practical for serving. I ended up just taping up the bats to my chandelier as added decor.

I was given the Honeycomb Spiders as a gift and haven’t used them yet, but hopefully they will be easier to use than the bat cups!

I LOVE these mini witch hats. They are ideal for table decor or guests can wear them as party hats!

There’s many more round ups to come from ArdyParty, so stay spooky y’all!

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