A Holly Jolly Christmas

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What a bright time, it’s the right time, to rock the night away — with holiday-themed decor!  If you’re looking to mix and a-mingle and get your jingle bell rock on – do it festively with these very merry items.


{Poinsettia Wreath / Berry Pinecone Wreath}

A beautiful wreath is the best way to jump start the holiday season at your home.


{ Twas’ the Night Before Cheese Knives // Santa Striped Candy Bowl // Snowflake dipping bowls }

These snow flake dipping bowls would be perfect for serving toppings for a hot chocolate bar (mini marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips) or a salad bar (croutons, grated parmesan, diced pecans, etc.) or for lemons and limes on your bar cart. So many options!

{ Reindeer Tartan Hors D’ourves Set // Tree Tartan Hors D’ourves Set }

Serving a cheese platter is a staple for any gathering I host at my home, so breaking out one of these adorable platters or a set of themed cheese knives (as seen above) is an easy go-to for me when wanting to be festive.

{ Merry Tartan Cable Knit Dip Bowl // Falala Tartan Cable Knit Dip Bowl }

I never thought I’d be describing a platter or a bowl as “cozy,” but the cable knit detailing of these hors d’ourves platters and matching dip bowls somehow are just that.

{ Red Tartan Plaid Square Tray // Black Watch Plaid Square Tray }

Not sure if it’s my Scottish heritage, but when it comes to Christmas decor … trays, chargers, napkins, tree skirts, table cloths … you name it, I want it in tartan plaid!


{ Gold & Silver Nutcracker // Gold Mason Jars // Rose & Holly Arrangement }

Nutcrackers are one of my favorite Christmas holiday decorations. I currently have one on my bar cart, a nutcracker soap in my guest bath and a huge 3-foot nutcracker on my front door step. Can’t.stop.won’t.stop.

{ Vintage Santa Die Cut Paper Placemat }

I meannnnn…. how adorable is this table setting?! Children and adults alike will enjoy this nostalgic santa placemat.

Dinner Napkins

Reindeer // Holly Leaf // Wreath }

If you have a lot going on decor-wise on your dining table, these white linen napkins with just a small embroidery detail are ideal.

Cocktail Napkins

Oh So Merry // Peppermint Swirl // Leaf & Berry }

The Leaf & Berry napkins and the Peppermint Swirl napkins are available in both a cocktail napkin and a larger dinner napkin size! The Peppermint swirl design also comes in a small dessert plate and a large dinner plate, which I love (they don’t photograph well, but they look awesome in person).

Napkin Rings

{ Brilliant Napkin Rings, Red // Constellation Napkin Holders, Red & Gold }

What’s nice about these red and gold napkin rings is that you can use them year-round since they don’t scream Christmas. I could see myself reusing these for other holidays too, like July 4th.

Sparkle Dove // Rosemary // Mistletoe }

I am making a list and checking it twice and you better believe ALL three of these napkin rings are on it. The sparkle dove and the mistletoe napkin rings give me all of the holly jolly feels, and the rosemary napkin rings are perfectly simple and elegant. (If you share my love for napkin rings, check out my post dedicated to napkin rings!)

Paper Plates

Gold Star Reindeer // Merry Everything // Leaf & Berry  // Gold Birch }

I am in love with these Leaf & Berry paper plates! The metallic foil is very eye-catching and are not cheesy or cheap-looking. They’re also a great size for an normal dinner portion of food… I hate when plates are too small for actually eating!! My second favorite are these gold and white birch plates. They are unique, wintery and on-theme for the holidays without being overtly Christmas-y — allowing you to use them for parties all winter-long.


{ Christmas Tree Dinner Set // Holly & Berry Dinner Set // Ribbon & Berries Dinner Set }

If you’re looking for a formal holiday dinner set, here are a few that caught my eye. I love the Holly & Berry set, but beware that the set is in cream not white. I love the warmth of the cream, but this can make it a bit harder to mix and match with other sets.

{ Twas’ the Night Nutcrackers // Holly Leaf // Woodland Cardinal }

Salad plates are great statement pieces. I like to use a simple dinner plate, perhaps a white dinner plate with a gold rim, and then have more fun and exciting salad plates. This way you can mix and match with your salad plates or use them as dessert plates.

Scalloped Tartan Plaid  // Aspen Plaid }

Sorry to overload you with more tartan plaid options, but I can’t get enough and hope you agree because these plates sleigh me.

{Loving the plaid, but not the price point? Here’s a less expensive version.}

Have your elf a merry little Christmas! Xx


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