Cheese, Wine and Everything Fine!

Happy Valentines Day! On the day of love, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the two true loves of my life. Nope, not my son and husband… CHEESE & WINE! The absolute perfect pair. Each delicious on their own, but when consumed together… *magic*

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese, Who Am I to Dis a Brie?

When hosting a party, putting out a cheeseboard is my go-to move. It’s easy to serve and easy for your guests to nibble on while mingling. My husband is a pro at the charcuterie display, and he loves having it be his special job when we have people over. But, even if arranging a cheeseboard is not your special talent — these cheeseboards are so pretty that it wouldn’t matter!

ALL my favorite cheeseboards at the moment:

Can’t forget the cheese knives:

When I sip, you sip, we sip!

A nice, clear wine glass is always a safe bet. But, it’s also fun to mix it up and have a little fun (…or A LOT of fun). Here are my favorite wine glasses right now:


I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebrating with your loved ones. And although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy cheese + wine… which is kind of the same thing. 🙂



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