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I remember being terrified to give my baby his first bath knowing how difficult a wet baby can be to hold onto… especially if they are a little wiggle monster like mine. But, bathtime ended up being one of my favorite activities. I’ve compiled a list of bathtime necessities to register for or purchase, along with a few options to choose from.

Sink Inserts

Many parents choose to bathe their baby in the sink (often with a sink insert) or use a baby bathtub until they’re ready for the “big-kid bath.”

Even though Chase was born at 9 pounds, I still thought he was so tiny and breakable, I felt most comfortable bathing him in the sink with an insert until he grew out of it (around 6 months). I used the Puj and LOVED it. It was great for a sink insert, but also super easy to travel with.

  • The Puj makes bath time super easy, its compact shape allows it to fit in a suitcase, making it perfect for traveling.
  • With no buttons or fasteners, the Puj can be simply set into the sink


    • Place it directly in your tub or sink, and the soft mesh backrest will gently cradle your little one while you wash and rinse.
    • Suitable for babies up to 6 months of age


Baby Tubs

I started to use a baby bathtub when he was fully capable of sitting up on his own. And when he outgrew the tub, I began bathing him in the actual bathtub (with a nonskid mat). Here are some of the most highly rated and long-time favorite tubs:

    • Perfect for your growing little one, from newborn, to infant, to toddler. Conveniently fits most sinks and comes with an easy drain plug and hook for drying items.
    • Winner of Baby Center’s “Best Mom Picks”


    • Perfect for your growing little one, from newborn, to infant, to toddler.
    • Winner of The Bump’s “Best of Baby”


Other mom-favorites:


Anti-Slip Mats

When your baby is ready for the “Big Kid Bath,” it’s important to buy an anti-slip mat for the tub so your baby doesn’t slip as easily.


Towels & Washcloths




Bath Products 

If you have a night nurse, I’d email him/her to see what they recommend. If you aren’t using a night nurse, I’d go to BuyBuyBABY and smell test all of them to determine which scent is your favorite. The Weleda brand is what my night nurse requested and I love the smell!

  • Baby Lotion
    • I’d stick to whatever brand you purchase for shampoo/body wash 


Bath Accessories

The SKIP HOP Moby Whale collection is a parent-favorite and now comes in Gray as well as Blue. All of these accessories make bathtime easier and safer. 

  • Bath Kneeler
    • I registered for two kneelers so that my husband and I could both be comfortable while bathing our son. 





  • Bath Rinser
    • You can also just use a cup from your kitchen if you want to keep it simple!



  • Bath Spout Cover
    • Sprout covers come in handy once baby is taking baths in the actual bathtub. My son is constantly slipping when he plays with his toys, so this has saved him from hitting his head more times than I can count. (Also why an anti-slip mat is so clutch!)






You can also buy the whole bath set!

Add these items to your registry or your cart, and you and baby will be splishin’ and splashin’ in no time!



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