Ready, Set… Let’s JET!

Whether it be simply running an errand or traveling via airplane, being on-the-go with a baby is something you have to prepare for. Here’s a list of products I suggest registering for or purchasing so you will be ready and set to jet!

Daily On-The-Go Necessities

Portable Changing Pad

Make changing time easy on the go with the adorable Portable Changing Pad. These change pads feature padded, wipeable interior lining and include a convenient pocket for holding baby wipes, diapers and more.

Formula Container/Dispenser  

Bottle-feed on-the-go with a Formula Dispenser. They have tightly fitted compartments for storing your pre-measured formula and a handy spout that allows you to pour directly into a bottle without spilling. Also can hold snacks for the later years!

Pack ‘N Play


Pack ‘N Plays are a great replacement for a crib when traveling or to keep at your parents/in-laws, at work, etc. So ideally you want them to be super light, compact/easy to store and easy to assemble. 

Graco Pack ‘N Play:

  • The Graco Playard can be used for changing, resting, and playing. The changing station allows for quick diaper changes, and the portable infant seat makes it easy to take baby around the house. 
  • The seat also has built-in vibrations for use as a bouncer, or remove the seat and changing pad to reveal a full-size play space.
  • Winner of Baby Center’s “Best Mom Picks”


BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light


4Moms Breeze Plus Playard 


Guava Family Lotus Playard 

  • It’s just 13 pounds and fits through doorways and into a backpack when folded, making transporting it anywhere (room to room, home to home, even country to country) a breeze.
  • Winner of The Bump’s “Best of Baby”

**Don’t forget that with whichever Pack ‘N Play you choose, to order extra sheets (2)!

SlumberPod **Must-Have**

  • Providing the ultimate privacy for your child is the SlumberPod Privacy Pod, an easy-to-set up canopy that creates a darkened space so your child can sleep peacefully.
  • Pod can be used with a standard playard, mini-crib, or select toddler cot.
  • NOTE: This has been such a game-changer when staying in a hotel room or a friend’s house and sharing a room with my son.

Portable Baby Monitor

Since this monitor is used purely for travel, it’s recommended that you find one that’s not expensive and lightweight / compact. 

Most importantly, it’s recommended that you stay away from monitors that rely on wi-fi connections. You may not always be able to guarantee the Internet connection at your destination is both fast and strong enough to keep your monitor connected. 

You could also have problems with the baby monitor app on your phone/ipad if you don’t have a good Internet connection. 

  • Baby Sense: Affordable, video monitor, doesn’t require WiFi
  • VTech: Affordable, audio monitor, doesn’t require WiFi
  • Nanit: If you registered or own the Nanit, it comes with a travel accessory. But it does require WiFi.

Portable Sound Machine

Calm and comfort your little one everywhere you go with a Portable Sound Machine. You can play white noise to help your precious baby fall gently to sleep by creating a consistent sound environment. You can also bring the machine with you on the go for portable naps by attaching it to the handle of your tot’s stroller or car seat.

Bathing, Feeding and Cleaning

Travel Stroller

DOONA Car Seat / Stroller:

  • Since it transitions immediately into a stroller, there’s no need to carry a heavy car seat on your arm when walking through the airport.
  • Fits well in an airplane seat, and you don’t have to bring a stroller AND a car seat when traveling!
  • This would be in place of an “umbrella stroller” too.
  • Cons: $$$. Only lasts until your baby is 35 pounds or approx. when they turn one year.

Babyzen YoYo+

  • Once your baby outgrows the Doona (which will most likely be around 1 year), this stroller will be your new best friend when traveling.
  • Super lightweight! 
  • Has an easy, one-handed fold to fit in an airline’s overhead compartment. And its compact size means it’s airline-certified to bring on board a plane as carry-on. 
  • Cons: Can become an all in one travel system, but needs to use adapters for car seats.

Stroller Travel Bag (Example: UppaBaby travel bag & DOONA travel bag)

  • Helps keep your car seat/stroller clean and damage-free when traveling (i.e. rough handling at the airport). 
  • Plus the storage area for gate-checked items is very dusty. The last thing you want to do is put your baby in a filthy seat when you arrive at your destination. 
  • NOTE: I purchased a travel bag for my DOONA car seat/stroller, and I only ended up using it once. I typically travel with my son in his own seat on the plane and in the Doona, so I rarely needed to have it checked. If you are planning on having your baby in your lap, then you will probably want to have a travel bag.


A carrier is really nice if you’re on a walk and want to run into a coffee shop or a boutique. It’s also nice for action-packed places like malls, airports, crowded restaurants, etc. where you will want your baby as close to you as possible. 

When it comes to carriers, stick to black/dark fabrics to help hide drool/spit-up stains. You will quickly notice how large and bulky a stroller becomes when entering a room. (Another plus for having the Doona.) 

ERGO Baby Carrier

  • Winner of Baby Center’s “Best Mom Picks”
  • Winner of The Bump’s “Best of Baby”


Baby Bjorn Carrier


More parent-favorites:

Bon Voyage!



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