Elephantastic Backyard Bash

Although a birthday bash is totally irrelephant in this current climate, one can still dream for the future parties that are hopefully ahead of us!


This ginormous elephant water sprinkler is definitely going to be the main attraction of this imaginary party. How fun are all of these sprinklers?!
And for those kiddos who aren’t a fan of getting wet, you can have all of these adorable games for more entertainment.

Dressing the Part

You can’t have a ginormous water sprinkler without the swim gear… and I wish ALL of these suits came in adult sizes (some of them actually do)!


When hosting a kid friendly birthday bash, adorable seating for cake time is a must! I’ve had my eye on these adorable options:
Let’s get the table dressed to impress with this tabletop decor:
Hope you were an ele-fan of this party inspo!
Mama ArdyParty

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