The Pantry: A Mama’s Sanctuary

I have never been the most neat or organized person, but after experiencing the “nesting stage” when I was pregnant and then discovering The Home Edit’s collection at Container Store — my addiction to organization is here to stay. While it’s still a work in progress, my pantry is now my favorite part of the kitchen thanks to these amazing containers and labels.

Conquer the Clutter

I love these labels! The Home Edit’s label font is so beautiful, yet realistic that I often get asked if I wrote them myself. My handwriting is serial killer level bad, so I get a lot of joy from that assumption. The Home Edit’s labels come in a few categories such as Pantry, Fridge, Bath, Kids, Closet and General Storage. When I realized that I wanted more specific labels for my pantry items, I ordered some from Amazon that had more options and was a similar font to The Home Edit ones I already owned. You can see a slight difference between the Amazon pantry labels (“granola & oatmeal” and “bread”) versus the Home Edit’s labels (“sauces,” “snacks,” and “meals”).

Healthy Snacks

When in a hurry or because my son is having a meltdown (which is often these days), I love knowing that whatever I grab from my pantry’s snack bins won’t be something bad for him or make me have mom guilt over. I aim to only provide snacks that have less than 10g of sugar. (Ideally none!)

Easy Access

Now that my son is walking (mostly running – giving me constant heart attacks) and eating solid foods, the pantry is one of his favorite places to sneak into. All kids are snackers. It’s just what they do. So having a pantry that’s organized and offers healthy, clean eating options makes both mama and baby happy.
I also keep bowls, plates, cups and utensils in a lower drawer to provide easy access for my son. I love nurturing his independence by having him go grab his own bowl or sippy cup when it’s time for a snack. You can tell he feels very accomplished with his big boy task each time he does it on his own.
Sippy Cups
I like to have a variety of sippy cups so that my son can get accustomed to drinking out of straws, soft spouts, hard spouts and the spill-free round-edged cups.
Suction Bowls and Plates
Although the fancy porcelain children’s plates are cute, I am very glad I stuck with the suction-based plastic plates and bowls. My son LOVES to throw food and if he has the opportunity, will throw the bowls and plates too. Thanks to the suction-based options, this is less likely. I love the pretty marbled version below!
To make clean-up faster and easier, I stay away from cloth bibs. These silicon bibs are super easy to wipe down, and the long-sleeve full cover bibs are a saving grace for protecting your kid’s clothing from the inevitable mess that ensues when feeding a toddler.
Now don’t get your pantries in a twist, cause The Home Edit and Container Store can help you conquer the clutter!
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