Stay Wild, BoHo Child

As part of my own gender-neutral nursery challenge, I wanted to go in a completely different direction for my next theme. Bohemian style can be perfect for a gender-neutral nursery because it’s all about a mixture of global-inspired patterns and layers of textures. My favorite Boho-looks include lots of Rattan, bamboo, tassels, pom-poms, textured fabrics like sheep wool, paisley prints and anything Moroccan- and Tribal-inspired.
The main color palate of grays and neutrals allow this particular bohemian-inspired nursery to work for a little boy or girl.
Using a soft grey for the major furniture pieces, like the crib and changing table, will allow you to have continued use of these more expensive items with additional children.
The warm neutral tones used for accessories such as the rattan table lamp and the wool rocking chair balance the cool grey tones and can be repurposed in any room in the house for years to come.
These vintage inspired rugs are absolutely perfect for a gender-neutral nursery because you can keep it neutral or use one that brings in a lot of different colors. If you have a girl you can choose to bring in pops of pink and purple with the bedding or pillows, or you can tie in the beautiful blues for a boy.

Boy oh Boy!

When looking for a bohemian boy nursery decor, I immediately fell in love with this rug and based everything else around it. The tribal-inspired woven baskets can be displayed on shelves or can be hung on the walls as artwork.
Want more blue boho vibes? See below!

Flower Child

In comparison to my boy boho nursery that was very blue-centric, I had so much fun bringing in a ton of color for this girl nursery. How cool is the rattan and walnut crib?! I would also repurpose the beautiful Moroccan changing table for a statement piece in my guest room.
Committed to being a Bohemian Mama? More below!
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