Tablescape: Flamingo Fiesta

Tablescape: Flamingo Fiesta
For my girlfriend’s 31st birthday, I created a flamingo-themed party with a very girly and festive tablescape. And it turned out pretty flocking fabulous if I do say so myself! 

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I always love to set up my table in a way that makes fla-mingling easy for my guests. You can purchase this exact tablecloth in aqua blue, or here are some similar options that I love:


The Details

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The Bar

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Want to party like a flock-star? More flamingo party supplies below! 


Mermaid kisses and flamingo wishes,


Tablescape: Backyard BBQ

Tablescape: Backyard BBQ

It’s not summer unless you host or attend a BBQ or two. I originally created a design board for inspiration for the BBQ I hosted, and now you can see it in reality below. Whether you’re the grill master or simply enjoy chowing down on some hotdogs, you’ll want to have all these items on hand for your next BBQ!

The Setup

This outdoor furniture set is the perfect size, comfortable and looks really high quality. Also, for a couch, two chairs and a coffee table, it is very reasonably priced! I bought the white bench that is behind my table in a pretty gray color to match my previously owned table. But, it arrived in a charcoal black color instead. I am terrible at returning things, so I just decided to have it painted in white. 

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The Tablescape

Shop the serveware and similar items below to create a tablescape that’s east for your guests to serve themselves:


The Details

I looked so hard to find these adorable mini grill dip bowls or anything similar, but had no luck! I purchased them in the Under $5 aisle at Target, which I think is a highly underrated aisle. I have found so many cute things there!

These pink cocktail napkins were the perfect punch of color to the table. I also placed this baking blanket on top of a simple silver tray to make it more festive. This baking blanket also comes in blue

My mom gifted me this tablecloth at an antique store, but I wanted to share some similar options:


The Bar

I love that you can write on this beverage dispenser! I used an Expo White Board Marker and it worked perfectly.

Shop the Bar and similar items below:


The Cheese Board

Hosting a gathering outdoors can get quite toasty at times, especially in Texas. I always like to keep a few apps inside for those guests that need a break for some AC or even as a pitstop for guests on their way to the bathroom. I love the simplicity of this round wooden cheeseboard, but I also love that it’s a Lazy Susan! 



Relish today. Ketchup tomorrow!




Pineapples, Flamingos and Melamine … Oh My!

Pineapples, Flamingos and Melamine … Oh My!

Nothing screams summer quite like pineapples and flamingos! Although it was a very dreary day in Dallas, I created this tablescape to embody all the summer feels. I recently went a little nuts on outdoor dinnerware to prepare for backyard dinner parties this summer. Lucky for you, that means everything you see is available in stores *NOW*!


These melamine bird plates (which I also included in my golf theme round up) are my newest obsession. Although they’re melamine, they look antique and are the perfect balance of elegant and fun. Actually, if they had been porcelain/stoneware, I’d probably be too afraid to use them as often as I plan to use these… which is *zero* fun!

The amount of color the plates have also make it super easy to match with any other dinnerware or serveware. With the colors I chose for this tablescape, the plates perfectly tie in the greens, blues and pinks. I can’t wait to bring out the orange and turquoise colors of these plates with some different decor later this summer!


I love the royal blue color of these Sonoma outdoor wine glasses, which I also own in turquoise and use them year-round. I’m so glad this new color is now available because after two years of going through the dishwasher on a weekly basis (my husband and I drink a lot of wine…) the light turquoise color on some of the glasses have started to wear.

The clear goblets look like glass in-person and are the perfect shape for a variety of uses including water, iced tea or alcoholic beverages such as margaritas or bloody mary’s.


You may be wondering why I have these flamingo straws (albeit super adorable) in my water glasses. Well, outdoor dining has it’s pros and cons. One con is that the wind carries things (small flower petals, leaves or little nats) that often land in drinks. (If you’re like me, you will probably keep drinking your beverage full-speed-ahead regardless, until you get to the end and can more easily fish the debris out or finally clean out your glass before refilling.)

Although not the perfect solution, straws can help minimize ingesting those harmless little things that sometimes float at the top / minimize the amount of time your guests have to clean out their glass.


I bought these pineapple cheese boards for **$3/each** in four different colors (pink, turquoise, yellow and green) at Target. I can’t find them online, but I have been to a few Target locations around Dallas and always found them available in the section right at the entry that has all the cute knickknacks. (If you don’t know what section I’m talking about, you ain’t livin’.)

{Similar versions here}

For this tablescape, I used two of the pineapples as cheeseboards and the other two I used to flank the ends of my table and placed my hurricane candle holders on them for added decoration.

Shop the rest of the tablescape here:

What themed outdoor dinner parties will you be hosting this summer?

An Outdoor Dinner Party

An Outdoor Dinner Party

The new AERIN collection at William Sonoma is amazing! I am obsessed with blue and white table decor and this new collection nailed it. If you haven’t shopped it yet, you need to run – not walk – before it’s all sold out.


How cute are these mixed dip bowls?! The scalloped edge adds the perfect amount of texture to this table setting. I love it layered on top, but I also styled the bowl to the side for a better look at the plate’s design.

The Fairfield salad plates come in four different patterns, two with a white border and two with a blue. I wish the dinner plates also came in a variety of patterns, but they only offer two (one with a white border and one bordered blue.)


The gold detailing of the water and wine glasses (linked similar) gave the melamine dinnerware a more elegant, upscale look. IMG_0763

The AERIN collection offers a few napkin options. I chose the Chevron napkins because it’s bohemian vibe was a good offset for the very preppy, english breakfast pattern of the Fairfield table runner.


Although all of the plates {including the blue charger} are melamine – ideal for outdoor entertaining – I love how much they resemble real stoneware plates. I plan to mix and match my china, stoneware and this melamine collection together all year round.


Shop the rest of the look here:

What’re your favorites from the AERIN collection??


Ain’t Love Grand

Ain’t Love Grand

It’s hard to believe, but I am a few months away from celebrating my two year anniversary with my amazing husband, Brock. (Ok, four months away… but it’s going to come quick!)

We were married in Grand Lake, Colorado, where my husband’s family has been going every Summer for over FIVE generations. Fun fact: my engagement ring can be dated back to the 1800s when it belonged to Brock’s great great grandfather (not 100% sure on how many ‘greats’ I need to throw in there TBH), who was one of the first pioneers of Grand Lake. (He wore the diamond on his tie pin … when, apparently, men’s tie pins were fancy AF.)

ANYWAYS… one of my favorite parts of wedding planning was designing my tables! (Shocking, right?!) My wedding planner Emily Clarke, owner of Emily Clarke Events, is one of my favorite people of *all time* and her creativity and passion continuously blows me away. I absolutely loved working with her and her design team The Detail Department to create the tables of my dreams. And the extremely talented Rachel Havel perfectly captured our day – all photography can be credited to her!


Our florist Bows and Arrows made my Mid-Summer’s Night Dream meets a Tree House floral-vision come to life in the most amazing way possible.

Our tables were a mix of round and long rectangle tables:



I had always imagined I would have a ton of different sized blue and white ginger jars with flowers on my tables at my wedding. But, during the time period when I was engaged and planning my wedding, I saw a ton of brides with that same exact idea. Since I didn’t want to follow suit, I was pretty bummed and am still very jealous of every bride who had/has ginger jars at their wedding. It’s just so classically gorgeous!

*So* in an attempt to still incorporate my ginger-jar-wedding in my own way, Emily Clarke found these beautiful blue and white ginger-jar-esque plates and everything else was history!


There were about 6 different plate/saucer designs {similar versions} so each guest sitting nearby had a unique place setting. We chose to keep the glassware clear and simple, with only a gold rim, to not distract from the china. {Similar options: #1, #2 and #3}


We chose gold flatware {similar option} to match the gold lining of the stunning Mottahedah Blue Lace chargers.  I own a bunch of the Blue Lace serveware. My oldest sister has the Blue Lace china set, which I borrow (*steal) all the time. As they say, the best thing about having sisters is you get to borrow their stuff! (That’s a saying, right?!)


Since the reception took place at the Grand Lake Yacht Club (where Brock learned, and eventually taught, sailing for many years,) I thought it would be fun to incorporate a nautical theme without going too far and risk being cheesy. The blue striped napkins {similar version} plus the lemon sail boat name cards (custom designed and made by The Detail Department) allowed for the perfect amount of nautical-chic.


To be honest, when Emily and The Detail Department came to me with their idea of creating a sailboat out of a lemon wedge, I was a little skeptical (or maybe confused is the better word)… but, I told them to go for it and had complete faith that they are the magical, creative geniuses that they are.

Not only did they turn out adorable, but the yellow lemon was the perfect pop of color that the table needed!

For more details and pictures on Brock and I’s wedding, you can check out Martha Stewart Weddings, Paper City, and Carats and Cake.

Citrus-themed Refreshment Bar

Citrus-themed Refreshment Bar

There’s nothing I love more than a DIY Arnie P bar and these colors!

I designed this refreshment bar tablescape around this extra festive table cloth by Le Jacquard Francais that I purchased at Dallas-based Madre. It’s very preppy, but the neon lining around the tablecloth give it a bit of edge. The matching neon pink and orange acrylic-handle pitchers are perfect for outdoor entertaining and come in beautiful, fun colors. I also found a similar, less expensive acrylic-handled pitcher from Target {they come in clear, blue and green!}.

For my wedding, I registered for a *ton* of copper items from William Sonoma. Not only is this round copper tray {20% off right now!} great for serving beverages, but I have also used it as a large charcuterie serving platter. Even when I am not hosting, I use the tray on a day-to-day basis too –  I keep it displayed in my dining room and use it as my “bar cart”.


I like to offer a variety of beverage options when I host. I filled the orange and light pink pitchers with tea and lemonade {with signage.} This way guests could choose between the two soft drinks or create their own an Arnold Palmer (my favorite).

Not only do the strawberry and cucumber’s colors look beautiful inside the double glass dispenser, the vegetable or fruit options allowed guests to choose their preference between a sweet or not water taste.  Pro tip: if interested in buying a double dispenser, I suggest buying the stacked version (versus side-by-side) so if you only want to offer one beverage, you can easily remove the top dispenser. This way you aren’t always stuck with having to serve two types of beverages.

Last but not least, I offered champagne in my cooper ice bucket {20% off right now!} and the copper party tub {20% off right now!} was filled with wine, sparkling water and soft drinks.

Other items pictured:

She said “yes” to this tablescape!

She said “yes” to this tablescape!

One of my nearest and dearest friends got engaged last weekend and as a surprise, my friend Molly and I put together a congratulatory table of gifts for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.! Since Spring finally graced us with her presence, I decided to go with a Spring theme and stick to florals and pastels for this tablescape.


To honor the special occasion, I brought out all my nicest china and crystal to toast the couple: my Waterford Lismore ice bucket and Waterford Lismore champagne flutes. I also brought out my Herend dessert plates in Queen Victoria.


I am a print fanatic! I love mixing and matching prints. This festive table cloth is from Target and is perfect for tons of occasions. I have pulled it out for fiesta-themed parties, birthday parties (adults and kids), engagement and baby showers, Baptisms, Easter, etc. {Unfortunately, I bought it a year ago so they don’t sell it anymore. I’ve linked a similar one here:

I also *love* these pink llama napkins . They make me happy just looking at them that I might have to buy the matching tablecloth! I bought the napkins on sale at Madre in Dallas, one of my *favorite* stores. Madre is run by 3 beautiful mamas/interior designers. Not only is the store stocked with the cutest home goods and adorable children’s clothing, but they also are for hire for custom designing a nursery or your little one’s bedroom. They are super talented and I can’t wait to have kids and then hire them! Follow their Instagram here.


This beautiful creation is from Tart Bakery in Dallas. I found the design of the wood bark and the initials carved in on Pinterest and Tart Bakery was so accommodating to create it for us.  The cake topper is from Paper Affair, one of my favorite places in Dallas for gifts (especially house warming or hostess gifts … and let’s be honest, gifts for myself).

The newly-engaged couple were over-the-moon for our tablescape surprise. We had so much fun celebrating them standing around this table full of snacks and fun.

All items on the table (or similar options) are linked below: