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A Pear-fectly Fruity Nursery

Creating a gender neutral nursery that isn’t bland and boring can be super tough. Since I am a sucker for a theme, I thought I’d go for it with this fruitastic nursery inspo.

Game of (Baby) Thrones

FOOD IS COMING! When introducing babies to solid foods (usually around six months old), our little angels can turn into dragons real quick. The fiery food throwing and the tantrums on a Khaleesi-in-the-Penultimate-Episode level are inevitable. To best serve our little lords and ladies, you must first register/purchase the best throne for your heir.

Best Seat in the House

From bouncers to swings and loungers, these baby seats can be a lifesaver when you want to free yourself up to eat a quick meal or go to the bathroom while baby is awake and ready to play.

The Pantry: A Mama’s Sanctuary

While it’s still a work in progress, my pantry is now my favorite part of the kitchen thanks to these amazing containers and labels. Having a pantry that’s organized and offers healthy, clean eating options makes both mama and baby happy.


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