Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party

My niece (and namesake) Arden and her best friend Piper celebrated their birthdays with a mermaid themed pool party. One of my favorite themed-parties of all-time is a Mermaid party. I collaborated with my sister Bianca and Piper’s mom Kate to help decorate an easy, in-expensive and activity-filled afternoon at the pool for about 30 kids.

Wanting to keep the party decor simple but on-theme, we decided the majority of the decorating budget would be allotted to the customized and bejeweled treasure chests{similar option}.

Metal wire baskets {similar option} were filled with goldfish for a snack (which felt very nautical), white beverage tubs contained waters and juice boxes, and a chicken nugget platter from Chick-fil-A was served for dinner.

P.S. How adorable is the mermaid balloon?

The turquoise and gold mermaid scale tablecloth was the perfect table runner for the party. The scale lining looks a lot more metallic gold in-person {it looks kind of greenish online} and it’s only $2.50!

I am **obsessed** with the metallic shell dessert plates, which were perfect for cake and for the chicken nugget’s dipping plates for the ranch and BBQ sauce. I also love the colorway of the mermaid sparkle beverage napkins and dinner plates {similar option}, which perfectly matched our cups and forks.

Growing up, my sister Bianca and I’s favorite activity at the beach was “playing mermaid,” which entailed swimming for hours and whoever found the biggest and/or prettiest shell at the end of the day was crowned winner. Our many years of mermaid practice inspired this birthday celebration’s treasure hunt.

After the adults distributed tons of “treasure” into the shallow end of the pool, the girls grabbed a pair of goggles, lined up and on “ready, set, GO!” went diving for the coveted jewels and treasures that awaited them below the surface. Whatever they found they could keep in their custom, bejeweled treasure chest {similar option}.

 (All the mermaids lined up to hunt for treasure.)

Treasure included pink pearl necklaces,  star beaded necklaces {in neon metallic} and large diamond gems {in pink and light blue}.

(My niece in awe of her newfound treasure.)

Each birthday girl had a cake dedicated to them. This worked out perfectly for the guests who got to choose between chocolate (the flip flops) or vanilla (the mermaid.) They were equally delicious 🙂

(Cake by Teri Ware)

(Cake by Teri Ware)